Born in Arizona, raised in California, Sean Golightly started by banging pots and pans. Round about the time he got old enough to be truly noisy, his parents had the fortuitous insight to provide him a bass guitar. From there, he joined the band at the local church, and began his first music projects at age eleven. Steeped in American music, from gospel to country, bluegrass, classic psychedelia, blues, rock n’ roll, and jazz, Golightly considers himself a maker of American music, full stop.

After graduating high school, Golightly took up street performing with a passion, while also knocking out a bachelor’s degree. In 2016, he rode his bicycle, equipped with street performing rig (guitar and suitcase drum) from San Diego to Seattle, singing in every west coast city you can name.

Besides his solo work, Golightly plays in several other projects based in Arizona and California, including acts such as The Canaries, A Band Called Sports, Reverend Gabe and his Priestly Duties, The F-Town Sound, Theone, and others on impulse. He also serves the Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival on occasion as musical director, where he provides live-scoring and interpretive music to classic renaissance theater.
Truth is, the man just loves to make music, and will likely jump on any opportunity.

As such, he has shared the stage with an eclectic mix of musicians, including Fruition, Creed Bratton, The Cabin Project, David Liebe Hart, Onus B Johnson, Muskellunge, Jerusafunk, and more.

Currently based in Flagstaff, AZ, where the mountain air and ample wilderness does a body and mind good, Golightly travels frequently. Stay up to date on tours, shows, and music releases by following social media links below!